Skill Development

       Wandering through the programs on my computer I discovered this word,  “painting” and from there I created my first doodle. Of course it makes no sense, has no rhyme or reason but it is a collection of lines and colors, dots and strokes mixed with a few cartoon circles.   I am glad I wandered and visited  unknown places on my still new laptop.  Not sure how I got there, not sure how I’ll find my way back but in the meantime it was material for a new post on the learning curves and breaking the fear factor of stepping into new territory and just trying something different.Untitled (3)
Poster Doodle





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One response to “Skill Development

  1. Laurie

    Hey, I am sure that Picasso had to start somewhere too!!! : )
    As always, I loved your post! And the doodle is pretty good too!!!


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