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Thomas The Cat

Tabby Cat

Thomas the Cat

Picture this: Fall day, fireplace on, cat curled up on floor by the fire snoozing and me curled up in a chair across from him writing with laptop on lap, of course.   Thomas has been my companion for nearly 2 years and he has given me a reason to extend myself to another, to love, feed, nurture and give him a home.  He was rescued from the SPCA who had taken him in after being abandoned by his owner – him, his mate and a litter of babies.  I could only take him.

Some days I worry about him.  I spend equal amounts of time thinking about him, having moved him into that space in my brain, after husband and kids.  I think he needs a companion besides me but where I live, this is not allowed so I buy him toys, things that wiggle, flash lights and roll around and rattle.

I am concerned he may be depressed.  Can cats become depressed?  I sit with him, cuddle, pet, brush and I throw his favorite ratty mouse over and over and he fetches, he really does, then drops it at my feet to throw it again. He sleeps at the foot of my bed, on the bed. He sleeps a lot.

He loves me and I like that.  I like being needed…comes from training I suppose, being so needed when raising little children and it is hard to let go of, so this is my thinking, God created cats for empty-nesting mothers.

Thomas will sit for a treat, he will sit up with paws in the air, and he follows me from room to room just to see what I’m doing.  That is love…or perhaps he just thinks I might also have treats in those rooms too.

But when he lays on the floor, with head on paw and just looks at me as I wander back and forth, sighs and then looks away, that is when I worry and think he is depressed.  But then, I think – I think too much.

I had hoped for less cleaning of the house once the kids left but I’ve discovered this cat sheds a lot of his presence all over the house and it seems I am required to dust and vacuum more than this empty-nester wants.  I even wipe his nose drippings off the windows, more than when I had little kids doing similar face bumps against the glass.

However, having Thomas greet me at the door, with his smile and hello, who runs to his scratching post to work out the kinks he created while sleeping away his time while I was gone, then speak in cat language until I give him a treat or a meal and give me thanks by licking my toes, or walking across the laptop to let me know he’d like to snuggle is so worth a few thousand cat hairs drifting around the house.


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A Walk in the Park

Deas Island

Deas Island

This post is another lesson in learning new skills.  Insert a picture, upload, crop, centre (left/right), voila, it should be done… An hour later, and with  the skilled help of a housemate who usually knows what he is doing, and here we sat, baffled.  Pushed a few more buttons, read some more info and magically, never to be repeated in quite the same process, I can say I’ve navigated my way through to putting up a much-loved picture of a much enjoyed walk on a lovely summer day.

I have a headache, my left gluteus maximus is spasming, and I am craving chocolate, a sure sign that I am stressed.  However, this is a happy and relieved midlife empty nester , who is determined to conquer and master my new laptop and my new WordPress blog.

For several hours today I also insisted to myself that I must have victory over figuring out how to use the Excel program too,  because I volunteered to help out with some administrative responsibilities for a program I take part in, called Freedom Session.  That too required the help of a couple of people to gently talk me, and email me, and basically step by step me through to the end.

Here I am, at the end of the day, a satisfied but exhausted person, going out to get chocolate and then crash in front of the TV.

By the way, the photo above is taken by another of those creations given to me, my easy-peasy camera, which also wore me out at first as I read and re-read, then wore out the pages of the little booklet I carry around with me.  Then I had to learn how to get the picture from the camera onto the computer.  That was fun…

Going to get that chocolate now.

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Learning Curves

Just wondering how many brain cells I am saving by expanding my knowledge base in the cyber world.  Is that even the correct word to use?  The desire to not lose the ability to converse with the younger generation pushes me to keep learning.

As a writer, keeping up with trends, linking to the writing community, discovering new ways to communicate and not wishing to be left behind also encourages me to find space in my brain to store new with old information and hope that somehow, somewhere in there ‘it’ knows how to process it all when I on the ‘outside’ really wonder about the ability to do so.

So, here I sit, unashamed, eager to learn, sit with laptop in hand, well, actually on lap and determinedly (stubbornly) search, click, arrow back, gasp in horror about what I might have done, discuss out loud – loudly, just what does this new computer of mine think it’s doing when I asked it to do, whatever…and it does something else.

Along with a new laptop, a birthday gift, for an age I am shocked I’ve arrived to, but let’s just say, Menopause about covers the age span –  it seemed like a no-brainer,  this is the time I’d choose to discover how to create a new blog to stretch my mind a little further.

And, who best to teach me all this new knowledge, a young person of course.

So far, I have not sent my personal and confidential files to the world. So far, I have not thrown the laptop across the room.  So far, I’m ready for another viewing through my very carefully laid out, step by step worksheet.  It’s good, it’s all good.

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Daily Truth

For today, I can take the step of believing in my ability to learn, to stretch the old brain to grow beyond what I thought possible to do. I can put aside the whispering lies that it matters not, there is no point, I’m too old for it is rubbish.

I once worked for a 90 year old gentleman who was given a gift, a computer. He was an inspiration to me, a woman 40 years younger that it is not ever too late to try, to learn, to discover. My elderly friend learned how to email and how to make friends via playing scrabble around the world. Who does that, one might ask. I believe it is someone who has an interest in life, in discovery of self and others, a person who still wants to engage with his/her world. When I am 90 my hope is that others may like to engage with me and perhaps learn something from me. This can only happen if I am willing now to take on new tasks, opportunities, challenges and keep taking one step at a time, forward.


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