Learning Curves

Just wondering how many brain cells I am saving by expanding my knowledge base in the cyber world.  Is that even the correct word to use?  The desire to not lose the ability to converse with the younger generation pushes me to keep learning.

As a writer, keeping up with trends, linking to the writing community, discovering new ways to communicate and not wishing to be left behind also encourages me to find space in my brain to store new with old information and hope that somehow, somewhere in there ‘it’ knows how to process it all when I on the ‘outside’ really wonder about the ability to do so.

So, here I sit, unashamed, eager to learn, sit with laptop in hand, well, actually on lap and determinedly (stubbornly) search, click, arrow back, gasp in horror about what I might have done, discuss out loud – loudly, just what does this new computer of mine think it’s doing when I asked it to do, whatever…and it does something else.

Along with a new laptop, a birthday gift, for an age I am shocked I’ve arrived to, but let’s just say, Menopause about covers the age span –  it seemed like a no-brainer,  this is the time I’d choose to discover how to create a new blog to stretch my mind a little further.

And, who best to teach me all this new knowledge, a young person of course.

So far, I have not sent my personal and confidential files to the world. So far, I have not thrown the laptop across the room.  So far, I’m ready for another viewing through my very carefully laid out, step by step worksheet.  It’s good, it’s all good.

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