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It’s been awhile…

So many months have whipped by, all the while I’ve been thinking time was standing still as we waited for COVID19 to be finished. It is not.

Spring, summer, fall of 2020 and now parts of winter into the new year of 2021 has continued to see Hubby and I adjust not only to Covid and world events but to our first year of retirement together. Somehow insignificant to the the rest of the events but for us, two little peas in the pod, we’ve been sorting it out.

Officially Hubby’s one year anniversary of retirement was January 23/21 and we would have liked to be not here, not in the rain of the west coast of BC – however, we are well, we are safe and we pray for the end of the pandemic. We are doing our best to do our part in complying with restrictions, guidelines and try to remain optimistic for the future.

It was not in the realm of our plans to be hanging out together, every day, sometimes all day for months at a time but we found ways to entertain ourselves. I discovered just how handy the Hubby can be when he is not occupied with concerns with employment work – much of that focus has shifted to fulfilling the job lists, created by me. Job lists, I might add, that just seem to add one or two as one or two are completed.

We have, and I use that term ‘we’ loosely because in truth, as creator, director and distributor of the job lists, Hubby seemed to end up with a large bulk of the tasks to do. Some living-room furniture has been painted, our bedroom walls painted, bedroom furniture rearranged, digging of gardens accomplished, moving some garden path paver blocks two inches to the left, and a drainage issue resolved after severals days of work in the rain. I had nothing to do with the drainage problem – that cropped up all by itself.

On my end, no slouching has happened, as I’ve been creating projects of my own, such as the one in the fall writing an article for a new local blog. You can read it here: https://surreywritersnorthof60.wordpress.com/2020/10/21/mailboxes-on-24th-avenue/

I was to be in a small artist/artisan show in December but it was cancelled due to the Covid restrictions and I had to decide what to do with the several paintings I had worked on and hoped to show.

I started off this year, on January 1st by selling a painting. There are a few of them hanging in a local coffee shop so there was a bit of a learning curve there, choosing which paintings, pricing, hanging, and telling my inner critic to take a long hike.

Hubby and I are getting ready for a grand-baby to arrive in the spring of 2021. One of those recent projects has been to sort through a dozen years of my son’s education papers, report cards, personal stories and getting rid of what he’d likely call the trauma of the school years. After a couple weeks of making decisions of what to toss and what to keep, I now have a nicely sorted bin full of milestones of years…to share with the grandchild. Perhaps the son will someday enjoy hearing about his own wildly creative imagination in storytelling as he made his love of snowboarding come to life, how boring his teachers were, on rougher days, how bad he thought the school system was, how much he loved volleyball, his friends and finally in Grade 12, after graduation how much he was going to miss the closeness of his friends and all the life activities they shared. It’s been a lot of years since that graduation, like 18 years, of me the mother storing several bins of memories – his memories.

Because of Covid, but really not thanks to Covid, neglected tasks have been accomplished. I have in the past, been a facilitator/participant of a program called Freedom Session. I had books with hundreds and hundreds of pages of writing, of processing life that needed to be sorted, some kept and the rest shredded and let go of. That task was a couple of weeks of work, physical and emotional but oh, so freeing, once done.

Our daughter has also noticed how handy Hubby is, in her case…Dad. He’s been the helper of in house drainage issues, car troubles problem solver, the go to guy to put on snow tires, and all around big heart and listening ears for the many adjustments needed in a Covid year.

There are a few more indoor tasks to be accomplished by Hubby and myself and the spring outdoor list is under development. I have big plans for Hubby.

I hope he’s ready.

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The time has zipped by since my last time of writing – which was a confession really. 

I had mentioned the day my emotions fell apart in a parking lot and that to my horror I had become this cranky yapping old lady mad at her hubby (for no valid reason)

Also mentioned at last writing was the scenario in which I believed I had been observed and quite likely overheard – several days later I actually chatted with that person and directly asked if I had been overheard.

I was prepared to humble myself and apologize for my lack of good behavior.

The answer came back as a no, I had not been heard. 

At the time I experienced a release of tension, but it taught me a quick lesson in keeping my emotions in check and was a warning that I had too much stimulation going on and needed to watch my attitude.

Since that time months have passed, way more important events have taken place and now it is summer.

BC, Canada where I live, has moved past Phase One of the COVID-19 virus, where we were in isolation for two weeks. We were then freed to roam our neighborhood, learned how to online grocery shop, absorb daily news reports about new cases, deaths, recoveries and slowly began to adjust to daily life going nowhere but for walks, short drives and in our back yard.

Hubby and I created a fun couple of Pickleball videos: https://youtu.be/RkXlzOmsfaA

Phase Two came along and our bubble of people we were in physical contact with increased, shopping in grocery stores tentatively approached and we began to play singles Pickleball at the outside courts.

Slowly, we listened to the news a little less – still so concerned about what was happening in the world but needing mini breaks from the death tolls and numbers of cases.

Tragedy struck – beyond COVID – more death, violence, great grief, and anger – with it has come demonstrations, more violence, marches, speeches and a desire along with a hope that the brokenness within our world’s people can be healed. 

It has been so sad and heartbreaking on so many levels.

Phase Three has been announced here – with it comes more freedom to move about, to travel within our province and to cautiously include even more people in our circle of contacts.

For hubby and me it means we are more active in the game of Pickleball, hubby is riding his bike adding miles and length of time out of the house – for fun, but to get a higher level of endurance and fitness.

Our fun adventure of retirement and adjusting to it has brought surprises and emotions far beyond that long ago one day parking lot melt-down.

Rather we are grateful to be healthy, safe, alive, living in the location we do – while we continue to care about what is happening in the rest of the world where COVID is still ravaging its way in and through other people’s lives.

This is a humbling time of life, being a senior citizen, looking forward to our retirement years, enjoying our daily life, yet grieving for the loss of life from the hand of others, and from a virus that can literally attack anyone, at any time.

Take care out there.

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Countdown is on…

So, it seems like a lazy, slow and rainy Saturday afternoon but at this house there is a countdown happening. With the countdown an endlessly long to-do list keeps updating itself.

In FIVE work days hubby is retiring. Just letting that statement sit there and I’m allowing it to percolate in my brain.

In trying not to panic…because where am I going to put him – as his office belongings are slowing taking over a mostly under used second bedroom space in our home.

This retirement process has been building for quite some time- the first discussions being, “Are you kidding? No way!”, to, “Oh, okay…”, with hours and hours of chats in between.

It’s rather exciting and obviously unknown at this point.

Plans for Christmas meals, gift buying and house cleaning in preparation for a holiday are underway and my mind swirls with details…

I like my alone morning time, he spends his days with the multitudes of people.

I enjoy quiet (he likes a radio on), I open the curtains, he may or may not get around to it, will he still kindly make my coffee then quietly leave the house 😊, is he going to expect lunch at home, are we going to go ‘everywhere’ together, do I have to invite him along when I take myself out for breakfast…do we report all our activities to each other…and on and on it goes.

How goes it for others…you out there?

Whats worked and not worked.

Come check it out sometime over the next few months-pretty sure its going to be a a creative journey.

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Writer Retreat

On my self imposed two week stay-at-home retreat to write I’ve been compelled and inspired to work through a book by Joyce Y. Li called Reimagine Your Retirement.  Joyce provides a downloadable workbook so I’ve been faithfully answering the questions after a completed read chapter. I’ve a long ways until finished and the material is giving me plenty to think and write about even though it wasn’t what I had originally set out to do.  Check out her blog at http://www.fullnessoflife.com/blog

In the midst of contemplation of retirement years and what may be produced from/by/out of me beyond sitting around on a couch wondering what to do, I’ve been busy in the think, pray, plan, dream stage and playing (of course) Pickleball plus doing my training runs – have finally been able to get back to running again after an ankle injury, via Kintec run clinic (working up to a 5km run – plenty for ole me).

Then I escaped the self imposed pressure to write and had a great day trip across the border from Canada into the U.S…and me being me, with a lousy sense of direction I headed off after a morning cruise through Birch Bay, near Blaine which is near the border, to go and have lunch in Lyndon.  It is a pretty simple drive but I managed to turn it into a major scenic tour seeing several sides of outlying areas of Lyndon a couple of times as I drove in wide circles but not actually get to the heart of where I wanted to be for well, a lot longer than had been anticipated.

I had printed myself some directions (because I know me),  tried to follow the verbal and hand pointing by two local teens and then finally when I was on the correct street but heading totally in the opposite way, a kind postal employee set me on the right path.

I had a lovely lunch….considered calling it a day but no, I was on a mission – avoiding writing.

On route to my next location sleepy eyes encouraged me to pull into a rest area and take a nap.  Really, I did this.  It reminded me of our family of four many years ago and travel trips back and forth from Canada to California, how we’d slide into a rest stop and sleep for a short while before continuing.

The rest of the late afternoon and into the evening was happily ‘spent’ leaving cash in several stores in an Outlet Mall.

I even did a return trek to one of the stores to reconsider – well, truthfully, to purchase another item.  However, in between the first and second in store adventure I bought dinner, had it placed in a to-go container, put in a bag and carefully balanced it in the middle.

Why I did not stop long enough to sit and eat baffles me.

In all my excitement of getting that last item of clothing, I noticed my food container had tipped.  I tried leveling it again, while lugging my other two bags, get money out and keep up the ongoing conversation with my now two customer representative friends.  We’d had a lot to converse about on the first trip in to the store so we carried on the chat when they saw me come in again.

I plunked the food bag on the counter, other bags on the floor, my purse on the counter, then noticed and casually mentioned, “Oh, my dinner is leaking” as I spotted wet red stuff in first one location all over the food bag, and then another location, all down the front counter wall, and another, inside my other bags of brand new clothing – one of them being a white collared polo shirt for my husband.

I heard my mouth talking and wished I’d shut up but on I blabbered, “Oh, and it’s tomato sauce too – I will have to wash that right away,” all of us knowing I am hours from home.  The sauce will be well set by then.

Out come the wipes, with repeated swipes down the wall and over the counter where my food had been, was given new bags for all my other purchases – the soiled white shirt placed carefully in its own spot so as not to contaminate anything else, all the while chatting with the lovely ladies who went beyond their call of duty for the day.  Pretty sure they wanted me out of their store with my meal before I caused any more damage with my wild flinging of food.

After quickly stuffing dinner into me, what was left of it, I drove off toward home, literally into the sunset quite smug with myself, for my day of adventure and the success of no writing.


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