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End and Begin

Here it is again, the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. Last year I chose a word to live by rather than making a list of New Year’s resolutions which I may or may not have followed.  I came across ONEWORD THREE SIXTY FIVE and adopted the idea.

Last years Word of the Year was Surrender and here I’ve hit yet another learning curve in my older age of navigating being a writer, connecting with social media, and trying to stay current with developing computer skills. Surrender to the fact that I’ve much to learn, must ask for help, must yield to instruction, follow instructions, then retain all that information to repeat actions in the future.

In order to finish what I originally set out to do: write about my word for this year, I had to teach myself a new skill which was to find the title of a previous post and insert it correctly with a title and not a long list of… what is the computer word for a bunch of letters, symbols and ….ahh…yes ‘code’?  This was definitely a ‘learn as I go’ post.

I read Claire De Boer’s  article on her chosen word and I borrowed her plan to think, pray and toss around ideas for what my word would be…several options presented themselves until it became clear. It wasn’t until after I’d chosen my word, gone back and read Claire’s article again that I spotted my word right there in the middle of her writing. Thank you Claire. It was confirmation somehow that I was on the right path.

I am currently reading The Inheritance by John and Lyza Clarke who share several of their sailing excursions along with spiritual truths of travelers from the Old Testament. In one particular chapter John was telling about the time he and his son were on the boat together, stuck at dock waiting for some stormy weather of wind and rain to end so they could continue sailing.

John says, “Two things are especially important to remember on a sailboat voyage. One is you need a destination to head for and the second is you have to keep moving. If you stay in one place too long, its charm diminishes and restlessness sets in. A destination gives you a direction, a distance to cover, and a sense of accomplishment. When our children were young, we headed for Desolation Sound and back to Seattle on our summer vacations. They anticipate the special places along the way, like good old Sydney Spit, Hawkins Island, Bucaneer Bay, or Harmony Island, but we always hauled anchor and moved on to the next spot before they grew tired of each place’s uniqueness. By the end of the trip we looked forward to the routines of home and were ready to get off the boat. But then we repeated the same cycle the next year and the kids never tired of it as long as we kept moving.”

I was prompted to read that paragraph several times and then continued to read, “Life, too, needs a purpose or destination to keep progressing toward. We are meant to keep moving toward the inheritance through the lessons God has prepared, to a place where the intimate knowledge of God and a mature character are the goals.”  While John and his son were stuck waiting out the storm they explored the beaches and kept moving and as John says, “talking about life.”

It was during those repeated readings the word FORWARD came to settle upon me as the focus for upcoming year. FORWARD is significant for me because it clarifies how to set goals and ask myself if any particular thought, book, activity or habit will move me or not.

Over my life journey I’ve needed to look back a lot, to sort out where I came from, heal from wounds and discover who I was – a tendency though is to emotionally live back there if I’m not careful. To let go and look FORWARD is wise and good inner advice for me to follow. As I approach my 60th birthday – oh right, that happened in October…as my husband Ross approaches his 60th birthday in February and we anticipate our 35th wedding anniversary in March we’ve planned a fun holiday for ourselves.

A few ideas of putting my word into daily life plan means I can prioritize my writing activities and decide whether they are moving me in the direction I want or need.  I may even dig my paint brushes out of confinement and get creativity going again.

I can focus on the big dream I have of one day walking the Pacific Coast Trail which runs from the Canada/US border all the way to the Mexico border which I’ve loosely read about. In looking toward that walking trek I can make choices about how much I will walk this month, this week, this day. I can choose how I treat my feet, my health, my attitudes about fitness and how I will use my mind while out walking.

I enjoy my family and friends, the game of Pickleball, the recovery/discipleship ministry called Freedom Session and I anticipate what will come in this next year as I keep my word in front of me as a guide. I want to step in the direction of my destination as it unfolds before me.

Oh, and after several hours of experimenting with how to ‘simply’ insert a link from another website I accidentally did it right one time and after that…well, I managed, with help to do it again.   I am moving FORWARD.


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Work View


Elim Village.  This is one of the views I get depending on which parking spot I choose as I arrive for work.  Mostly, this is a Dutch community, beautifully designed and constructed, and welcomes the Senior population.

Over the past eleven years I have worked for various families on a part time basis to fill a need as companion care for a mother or father – doing whatever the family wanted or needed…meal prep, shopping, conversation, reading, meals out in restaurant and to be a friend.

It is with gratefulness I say good-bye to this part of my life journey at Elim Village.  I take with me some great stories of lives well lived, met families who trusted me with the care of their parents – even if just for an hour a couple times during a week and I will miss these connections.

I will stay connected with Elim Village because I will continue to meet with the writers group there – another blessing in my life.  It is there and through story, I have learned the life travels of immigrants, war, friendship, loyalty, love, hurts and pain, struggles, joy, determination…the list is long.

I’m on to the next adventure of my aging self…perhaps more education, seek other employment, write more, definitely play more Pickleball, and maybe I’ll even get my paints out again to finish a picture I started more than a year ago.

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Learning Curves

Just wondering how many brain cells I am saving by expanding my knowledge base in the cyber world.  Is that even the correct word to use?  The desire to not lose the ability to converse with the younger generation pushes me to keep learning.

As a writer, keeping up with trends, linking to the writing community, discovering new ways to communicate and not wishing to be left behind also encourages me to find space in my brain to store new with old information and hope that somehow, somewhere in there ‘it’ knows how to process it all when I on the ‘outside’ really wonder about the ability to do so.

So, here I sit, unashamed, eager to learn, sit with laptop in hand, well, actually on lap and determinedly (stubbornly) search, click, arrow back, gasp in horror about what I might have done, discuss out loud – loudly, just what does this new computer of mine think it’s doing when I asked it to do, whatever…and it does something else.

Along with a new laptop, a birthday gift, for an age I am shocked I’ve arrived to, but let’s just say, Menopause about covers the age span –  it seemed like a no-brainer,  this is the time I’d choose to discover how to create a new blog to stretch my mind a little further.

And, who best to teach me all this new knowledge, a young person of course.

So far, I have not sent my personal and confidential files to the world. So far, I have not thrown the laptop across the room.  So far, I’m ready for another viewing through my very carefully laid out, step by step worksheet.  It’s good, it’s all good.

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