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Word of the Year

I’ve been taken in by the idea of choosing a word to live by this year discovered via the She Loves Magazine. http://shelovesmagazine.com/

Actually the word chose me as I’ve been struggling my way through a rather large decision regarding the next steps in my life.  As a mid-lifer, one who may live to be over 100 if the mid-life part is true, I’ve recently let go of a job I’ve enjoyed for the past 14 years on a part time basis.  As a companion care giver for the senior population, I grew to value all the life stories, adventures, traumas, joys and anguish so many people have experienced.  I want to follow that path and leave a legacy of a life well lived.  Thus it has prepared me for whatever comes next.

Always eager to learn, I’m wrestling with getting more education and wondering about the necessity of it, what it could/should look like, why I need more, why I want more or why I’m feeling urged to seek more.  Oodles of questions get raised, too often in the middle of the night when I, and my cat and my husband would rather I be sleeping.

Then of course is the desire to write more, how-what-when-why-how…have entered into the 35th year of married life and wonder what new trails we can blaze and wonder how long the fire will last.

I serve in a ministry called Freedom Session, http://www.freedomsession.com/

and think about how much to time to give away, when it would be a great idea to find a new source of income.

Then in the midst of all the whirl of words that bounce around in my head, my thoughts are taken to one word, SURRENDER.  The word came in the middle of a restless night when I simply and quietly said in a prayer, I surrender.  In the morning I prayed this same prayer.

On my way to an event I got in my car and flipped my new CD on and clicked through a few songs until I landed on one with some soothing music and I found my self carried away with the following song.

I have been given my word.

Peace and clarity have come. My unknowns can be faced with surrender.


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A Walk in the Park

Deas Island

Deas Island

This post is another lesson in learning new skills.  Insert a picture, upload, crop, centre (left/right), voila, it should be done… An hour later, and with  the skilled help of a housemate who usually knows what he is doing, and here we sat, baffled.  Pushed a few more buttons, read some more info and magically, never to be repeated in quite the same process, I can say I’ve navigated my way through to putting up a much-loved picture of a much enjoyed walk on a lovely summer day.

I have a headache, my left gluteus maximus is spasming, and I am craving chocolate, a sure sign that I am stressed.  However, this is a happy and relieved midlife empty nester , who is determined to conquer and master my new laptop and my new WordPress blog.

For several hours today I also insisted to myself that I must have victory over figuring out how to use the Excel program too,  because I volunteered to help out with some administrative responsibilities for a program I take part in, called Freedom Session.  That too required the help of a couple of people to gently talk me, and email me, and basically step by step me through to the end.

Here I am, at the end of the day, a satisfied but exhausted person, going out to get chocolate and then crash in front of the TV.

By the way, the photo above is taken by another of those creations given to me, my easy-peasy camera, which also wore me out at first as I read and re-read, then wore out the pages of the little booklet I carry around with me.  Then I had to learn how to get the picture from the camera onto the computer.  That was fun…

Going to get that chocolate now.

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