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Spring leaps to Life

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Once spring has arrived one of my most favorite places to visit is Port Kells Nurseries.  On this years first visit,  I noticed their sign and well, it tells it like it is.  I can relate to the message of excitement, spotting new items poke their way out of the dirt, new life, vibrant colors, the smell of first grasses sprouting, grime under the fingernails, scheming ways to make room for more plants…ahh, there is nothing like it.

It seems a strange thing to daily check on the growth of a new bud or marvel at the development of its shape or dance with glee at a surprise baby shoot which has blown in from the wind, but is it really?

It reminds me of birthing a child and then participating in the blossoming of personality and ‘color’ as the child grows.

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This then takes me further, and I imagine new birth as God sets forth his seed, creation, life and his children, his garden. Has he stood back and marveled, observed and checked daily to see what progress had been made, is being made?

Early Sunday morning ponder.


My Garden.

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