A Walk in the Park

Deas Island

Deas Island

This post is another lesson in learning new skills.  Insert a picture, upload, crop, centre (left/right), voila, it should be done… An hour later, and with  the skilled help of a housemate who usually knows what he is doing, and here we sat, baffled.  Pushed a few more buttons, read some more info and magically, never to be repeated in quite the same process, I can say I’ve navigated my way through to putting up a much-loved picture of a much enjoyed walk on a lovely summer day.

I have a headache, my left gluteus maximus is spasming, and I am craving chocolate, a sure sign that I am stressed.  However, this is a happy and relieved midlife empty nester , who is determined to conquer and master my new laptop and my new WordPress blog.

For several hours today I also insisted to myself that I must have victory over figuring out how to use the Excel program too,  because I volunteered to help out with some administrative responsibilities for a program I take part in, called Freedom Session.  That too required the help of a couple of people to gently talk me, and email me, and basically step by step me through to the end.

Here I am, at the end of the day, a satisfied but exhausted person, going out to get chocolate and then crash in front of the TV.

By the way, the photo above is taken by another of those creations given to me, my easy-peasy camera, which also wore me out at first as I read and re-read, then wore out the pages of the little booklet I carry around with me.  Then I had to learn how to get the picture from the camera onto the computer.  That was fun…

Going to get that chocolate now.

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  1. Ross Priebe

    The learning does continue; just when you thought you had learned enough for one lifetime hey. The colours in the picture for ‘Walk in the Park” are great, especially since fall has set in. One can look back and almost enjoy the warmth of this photo.


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