Daily Truth

For today, I can take the step of believing in my ability to learn, to stretch the old brain to grow beyond what I thought possible to do. I can put aside the whispering lies that it matters not, there is no point, I’m too old for it is rubbish.

I once worked for a 90 year old gentleman who was given a gift, a computer. He was an inspiration to me, a woman 40 years younger that it is not ever too late to try, to learn, to discover. My elderly friend learned how to email and how to make friends via playing scrabble around the world. Who does that, one might ask. I believe it is someone who has an interest in life, in discovery of self and others, a person who still wants to engage with his/her world. When I am 90 my hope is that others may like to engage with me and perhaps learn something from me. This can only happen if I am willing now to take on new tasks, opportunities, challenges and keep taking one step at a time, forward.


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